Solar Panels in York & Yorkshire

Generate electricity and hot water from sunlight and benefit from the government’s renewable energy incentives. We offer a range of solar panel solutions for your home in York and the Yorkshire region. Please do let us know if you have any questions about our solar panels and systems and we will be more than happy to help you further.

Solar PV installation

Electricity Generating Solar Panels

Generate your own electricity even on cloudy days from Solar Panels and benefit from Government incentive schemes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Every house is different, and the electrical consumption varies between individual households. However, we normally recommend installing the maximum size system that you can, in order to gain the largest savings. Typically most domestic systems range from 2kw (6 panels) to 6kw (18 panels)

The cost of Solar PV Panels has come down drastically over the past 10 years and an average 4kw system can cost as little as £4,000 + VAT supplied and fitted. The annual savings vary from house to house but with variable tariffs and battery storage you can recue your bills by around 80%

The solar panels on the roof generate DC current which is passed through an inverter to convert this into AC current which we use in our homes. The panels are linked into your consumer unit and will allow the various appliances in the house to pull electric from the panels instead of the grid, thus saving you money.

There are two types of Solar Panels.

The first type of panels are Solar Photovoltaics which generate electricity to power general appliances around the home

The second type of panels are Solar Thermal which generate domestic hot water in a cylinder.

There are many different types of Solar panels available today. Green Building predominately install Monocrystalline panels that have a minimum of 10 year warranty and a long performance guarantee to ensure that after 25 years your panels are still at least 80% efficient.

Typical uses for Household items

  • Phone charger 20w
  • Smart Tv 150w
  • Fridge 225w
  • Vacuum cleaner 500w