Solar Thermal (Hot Water)

Turn sunlight into hot water and start saving on your household bills.

How Solar Thermal panels work

Solar Thermal heating systems use solar panels, called ‘collectors’, fitted to your roof. A collector is generally part of a sealed system, filled with an antifreeze mixture or heat transfer fluid. The heat transfer fluid circulates through the collector, round the system, through a coil in the cylinder and back to the collector once more. Heat is absorbed by the heat transfer fluid in the collector, which is then transported to the cylinder and used to heat the water in the cylinder. The cooled heat transfer fluid is then returned to the collector to be heated again.

Benefits of investing in Solar Thermal

Solar Thermal Systems can provide up to 70% of a household’s annual hot water through free energy from the sun. They can reduce your annual energy bills and by using renewable energy, rather than buying fossil fuels, you can reduce your carbon footprint.

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Types of Solar Thermal System suitable for your home

You will have seen solar panels popping up all over your community and may be wondering if they are suitable for your home. There are many different types of panels, for most applications, which can either sit on the roof or be integrated with the roofline.

Solar Thermal on roof

On roof

Solar Thermal in roof

In roof

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, most homes have space for Solar Thermal Panels as they typically only take up around 4sqm and they are a viable alternative for those houses with limited roof space. The panels can be fitted onto all types of tiles as well as in roof for new build properties.

Yes, a Solar Thermal System will contribute to hot water production all year round. Even during the winter months, the Solar Thermal System will reduce the amount that your boiler needs to do, saving energy and money.

The amount you can save depends on a number of things:

  1. The number of Solar Thermal Panels installed.
  2. The amount of hot water that you use throughout the year.

The typical cost for a two panel system start from £3,300 + VAT.

The typical life expectancy of a Solar Thermal System is between 20 and 30 years.

Let us guide you on the best Solar Thermal System

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