1. The advertised price assumes that the property already has a suitable base in place for the installation of the heat pump.
  2. The heat pump is to be located adjacent to the property’s wall.
  3. The distance between the heat pump and the hot water cylinder must not exceed 5 meters otherwise additional charges will be incurred
  4. The heat cylinder is to be installed in its existing position. If the cylinder is relocated, additional charges may be incurred. 
  5. Existing electrical infrastructure must meet current regulations and be able to accommodate the addition of a heat pump. Any necessary electrical upgrades or modifications are not included in this offer.
  6. This offer does not cover any groundworks or structural works required for the installation. Any such work would be an additional cost.
  7. The offer is run in conjunction with the government BUS (Boiler Upgrade scheme), and therefore the property must be eligible for this scheme to qualify for the offer.
  8. The price is for a “straightforward” installation. This is where the heat pump and cylinder are either located close to each other or no major internal pipework upgrades are needed (e.g relocation of the cylinder)
  9. The world heat cylinder has an integrated buffer tank 
  10. £250 offer, can not be used in conjunction with this offer