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With over 20 years’ experience of installing low carbon and renewable technologies, we work hard to make sure all our customers receive the time and attention they require to choose the most suitable technology solution for their needs.  We offer cutting-edge products, award-winning customer service and a team of qualified and accredited engineers. Our expert advice enables you to make the right renewables choices for your homes and buildings.

air source heat pump
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Air Source Heat Pumps

Discover the fuel efficiency and significant savings to be made with the installation of an air source heat pump fitted by our accredited experts. An excellent replacement option for oil and LPG heating systems, air source heat pumps are supported with generous government incentives.

Find out how our customer service team provide guidance and professional advice to help you choose the best system for you and your property including integrating radiators or underfloor heating and providing servicing and maintenance.

Ground Source Heat Pump
ground source heat pump

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Find out how ground source technology can help keep your home warm by capturing the heat within the ground. Using trenches or boreholes this reliable and low maintenance technology are incredibly efficient and can offer significant savings on your energy bills, especially for homeowners currently using oil or LPG.

Visit our page to see how we support our customers to make the best choice for them, including integrating radiators or underfloor heating and providing servicing and maintenance.

Solar panels
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Solar PV

Explore the benefits of solar PV and find out how it is one of the simplest ways of addressing rising fuel bills and our impact on the environment.

Use our informative price guides to scale the system to suit your roof type, position and budget. Uncover the role batteries play in capturing all the energy solar PV creates and storing it for when you need it.

Discover the price and estimated energy savings of a solar PV system with our easy to use calculator.

Proud to be a registered Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) installer.

Green Building Renewables are a registered installer for the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) which has replaced the previous Renewable Heat Incentive and is designed to help reduce the total cost of installing a low carbon, renewable heating system. It can save you between £5,000 – £6,000 depending on whether you are choosing an air source heat pump or a ground source heat pump.

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Boiler upgrade scheme installer

Benefits of switching to renewable energy with Green Building Renewables

Green Buiding Renewables – Premier renewable energy installers

This company did a fantastic job installing a heat exchange system for my elderly mother a year ago. Prior to this she was reliant upon coal and bottled gas as she lives in a very isolated rural setting. Her home is now perfectly warm 24/7 and she has saved over £600 in her energy costs in year one!

The installation and service staff are superb. They work quickly and cleanly but beyond that they dealt with my mother Alzheimer’s and constant repetitive questions in a very compassionate way. A year down the track they have returned to make the system “mother-proof”. I am so impressed with them. They are highly recommended. Thank you

Andrew Hart

I live in a village that has no gas supply. In 2017 through the local council grant. Green Building Renewables installed a Daikin Air Source Heat Pump. It has given me security and peace of mind, I found the fitters most polite, helpful and willing to answer any questions I had regarding the air source heat pump.

At the end of each day I wouldn’t have known that I had workmen in the house, so tidy and clean. I feel air source heat pumps are the way forward owing to the low carbon foot print compared to oil or solid fuel. I would personally award Green Building Renewables 10/10. First class.

Jan Sheridan

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