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The Tesla Powerwall 3 is a powerful, compact home battery with an integrated solar inverter that offers increased electricity bill savings and continuous software updates

The future of home energy storage is here.

Powerwall 3 has arrived with improved design and more power with an integrated solar inverter. It comes with a 10-year warranty and regular software updates. You can store more solar energy and customise settings for even greater value and lower electricity bills. Plus, one single unit can back up your entire home when an outage occurs.

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Award-Winning Installer

At Green Building Renewables, we are proud to be an award-winning certified installer of Tesla Powerwall.

This means you can purchase your Tesla Powerwall 3 with absolute
confidence, knowing we will install it with the highest quality and exceptional customer service.

Our Tesla Powerwall 3 Installation Offer provides a game-changing energy storage solution that will transform your home, allowing you to capture more solar energy for greater savings and lower electricity bills.

With Tesla’s 20+ years of expertise in battery production and our decades of installation experience, choosing your Tesla Powerwall 3 from us creates the perfect partnership for a brighter, more sustainable future.

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We are proud to be the one of the few approved and accredited premium installers of Tesla Powerwall & The Winners of the 2023 Customer Service Excellence Award

8 Solar Panels and Tesla Powerwall 3

For a limited time, we are offering to install 8 solar panels and a Tesla Powerwall 3 for under £10k.*

*subject to site survey

What this price includes:

    • 8 x 430W panels (on a pan tile roof)
    • 13.5 kWh Tesla Powerwall 3 Battery + Gateway.
    • One elevation scaffolding.
    • Equipment all located in close proximity (such as a garage)
    • Supply, install and commissioning.

What is NOT covered, which would cause a variation in price:

    • 2 or more elevations
    • Slate or rosemary roof
    • Complicated install
    • Scaffolding

    Upgrade your system to 12 panels for under £11k!

To book a survey and get an accurate estimate for your property, contact our team today!

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Tesla Powerwall 3


Built in Solar Inverter
The integrated solar inverter efficiently converts solar energy into stored electricity, allowing the system to capture more solar energy in the process.

Easy System Expansion
Designed to allow stacking of up to 4 units as your household energy needs increase. Up to 3 DC expansion packs can be added to each Powerwall anytime.

Best Value
Comprehensive warranty for 10 years, all-inclusive with unlimited cycles. 80% Energy retention after 10 years and 100% depth of discharge. Single point of repair.

Active Thermal Management
Powerwall 3 comes with a redesigned active thermal management system to enhance performance and efficiency.

Whole-Home Backup ProtectionWith increased backup power, it backups more items at the same time with 11.05 kW continuous power.





Tesla Powerwall 3 is a gamechanger with some incredible features that make it an even more powerful home energy storage solution for you. They include:

Reliable and Durable Design
Capable of withstanding challenging climates. Mounting indoor and/or outdoor.

Flood Resistant Shell
Capable of maintaining normal operation in up to 60 cm of water.

Automated Storage
Units automatically charge to their maximum storage capacity when severe weather is forecast, ensuring maximum backup protection.




With over 20 years’ experience of installing low carbon and renewable technologies, we work hard to make sure all our customers receive the time and attention they require to choose the most suitable technology solution for their needs. We offer cutting-edge products, award-winning customer service and a team of qualified and accredited engineers. Our expert advice enables you to make the right renewables choices for your homes and buildings.