Tesla Powerwall 3 Installers

Coming this year, the Highly Anticipated Tesla Powerwall 3: Unveiling the Latest in Home Energy Innovation Discover the cutting-edge features, launch date, specifications, and unparalleled benefits of the third-generation Tesla Powerwall.

Proud to be one of the few approved and accredited installers of Tesla Powerwall 3.

The Powerwall 3 preserves your solar energy for backup security, ensuring uninterrupted power even during grid outages. It upholds Tesla’s commitment to advancing clean energy accessibility around the clock.

For many households, the Powerwall 3 offers comprehensive backup, empowering them to sustain full home functionality during outages while fostering energy independence through solar generation. By reducing dependence on traditional grids, users can realise substantial savings on utility expenses. Following installation, the Powerwall 3 seamlessly integrates into your energy management strategy, allowing for personalised adjustments via the Tesla app.

Engineered as a fully integrated solar and battery solution, the Powerwall 3 is tailored to suit your home’s unique requirements. With increased power output from a single unit and effortless scalability, it adapts to current and future energy demands. Featuring an integrated solar inverter, the Powerwall 3 maximises efficiency by enabling direct solar connection. It seamlessly integrates with existing solar setups or operates independently, providing flexibility akin to the Powerwall 2.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The new Powerwall is expected to be available in Europe in winter 2024. The Powerwall 2 will remain available and may be better suited to some applications.

If you are in the unfortunate position of a power cut, a Tesla Powerwall and solar can offer power for when this happens.

Yes. Powerwall 3 is compatible with all major solar inverter brands and can support various existing system sizes.