Calcott Farm Solar Panel

Calcott Farm

Calcot & Calcot Hall's farm is a shining example of sustainable and organic farming practices. The 220-acre farm produces an impressive range of high-quality fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers, along with free-range livestock such as sheep, chickens, and pigs. The farm's commitment to environmental conservation is evident in the use of environmentally-friendly farming methods and the creation of wildlife habitats like hedgerows, bird boxes, and wildflower meadows. Guided tours and workshops are offered to guests who want to learn more about sustainable farming practices and the importance of locally-sourced produce. The farm at Calcot & Calcot Hall is a testament to the power of environmentally-conscious farming and its potential to promote biodiversity and protect the planet.

77 x Longi HiMo5 405 watt panels
Fastensol mounting system
60 panels attached to Growatt KTL3-X 20kW inverter for farm shop
17 panels attached to Growatt KTL3-X 8kW inverter for Farmhouse
Fox ESS 10kW AC coupled charger with 5 x 4300 batteries for farm house

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    • Calcott Farm
    • May 01, 2023