Electronics Direct Ltd

With volatile rapidly rising commercial electric tariffs, Electronics Direct have installed a solar photovoltaic and battery storage system to reduce their electrical consumption, bills and increase their grid independence. With 123 panels resulting in a 67 kW system, they are now 60% grid independent meaning current bills are only 40% of what they were. With a payback time of under 4 years, the expected bill savings over the next 20 years is over £410,000. Their environmental commitment is also evident as this system would offset 13 tons of carbon dioxide per year.

67kW on roof PV system – annual generation 51,115 kWh
123 x 545W JA Solar panels
On-roof S-5-PV Kit and S-5B Mini fixings
Two 40 kW 3ph Solis inverters

    • Case Study
    • Electronics Direct Ltd
    • March 13, 2023