Kirkstall Valley Primary School

Kirkstall Valley Primary School, located in the heart of Kirkstall, Leeds, United Kingdom, is a prominent educational institution deeply committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Their recent installation of over 40 solar panels exemplifies their proactive efforts to reduce energy bills and transition toward a greener and more eco-friendly future. By harnessing the power of solar energy, Kirkstall Valley Primary School is not only taking steps to mitigate their environmental footprint but also setting an inspiring example for students, staff, and the community. Their dedication to sustainability aligns perfectly with their mission to provide quality education while fostering a deep sense of environmental stewardship among the next generation. This forward-thinking approach demonstrates the positive impact educational institutions can have on the local community and the broader effort to combat climate change.

40x 550WBlack Mono Panels with Silver Edges
1 x Solis20kW 3 PhaseInverter
On Roof Fixings
AC & DC Isolators
Generation meter
AC & DC Cabling

    • Case Study
    • Kirkstall Valley Primary School
    • August 30, 2023