An installer installing a solar panel on a roof

Upper Woodhead Farm

Being a working family farm expanding into the wedding venue sector, Upper Woodhead Farm has the requirement of a large solar system that also supplies energy to 3 buildings, two on single phase and one on 3 phase. The weddings barn was build and designed for the solar PV so maximising the available roof area was paramount. We installed the system in multiple phases to work with the building contractors and harvesting schedules.

Grid limitations were prominent in this installation as the three buildings are on separate supplies, all fed from a common pole transformer to a maximum of 50 kW. Nevertheless, Green Building Renewables designed a solar system to suit all requirements resulting in 13.2 kW of PV to a 10.5kW Fox Hybrid inverter for each of the single phase buildings. The 3 phase farmhouse also utilised single phase inverters due to unbalanced loads across the phases – this also had the advantage for allowing a large hybrid battery system to be installed totaling 64.5 kWh across the buildings.

• 66kW (120 x 550W panels) installed on the wedding barn
• Annual generation of 60,000 kWh
• Two 13.2 kW of PV and 21.5 kWh of battery storage systems for each single phase property
• One 39.6 kW of PV and 21.5 kWh of battery storage for the three phase property
• Payback of under 5 years
• Annual bill savings of £17,376
• Annual CO2 savings of 9 tons

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