Green Building Renewables’ football team wins World Cup (the Selby and District U9’s world cup, that is)

February 22, 2023
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Green Building Renewables’ sponsored football team, Howden AFC U9 Raptors, has won its World Cup. The team won the tournament, which took place over two weekends.   

The mixed team, which includes boys and girls, plays in the U9 Selby and District Junior Football League – Orange Division. The team has been sponsored since 2022 by Green Building Renewables (GBR) and is located close to our Doncaster Office.    

Football’s coming home to Howden!

Based in the Market Village of Howden, the club is relatively new, formed in the last ten years. It has grown hugely since then into a Two Star England Football Accredited club with nearly 400 registered players and 20 affiliated teams across various ages. Unfortunately, the club has no official clubhouse, but it is actively fundraising to secure the funds to build one and improve its facilities.  

The U9 Raptors team is one of the newest parts of the club. After the delayed European 2020 Championship in 2021, several parents approached the club mid-season to see if their U8 children could play football. Sadly, Howden AFC already had three U8 teams and no more space. The parents were asked if they would volunteer to coach, and when two agreed, the Raptors were hatched. The team has grown to a full squad of 11 players from an initial squad of five.  

The FA actively promotes inclusivity in junior football and tries to ensure the focus of the play is on the fun; they do not keep ranking in the leagues at this age to encourage this. There are, however, mini-divisional ‘World Cups’ that take place at the end of each season. In its first World Cup, they were runners-up, with goalkeeper Matthew Casey, being awarded the player of the tournament. And in their second World Cup, they took the trophy with a last-gasp triumph in the last game. Their new season starts on Saturday, 25th February.   

On receiving their Green Building Renewables sponsored kits, several of the team had plenty to say about it.   

Goalkeeper Matthew said, ” It’s cool that we have Green and Building in our logo as we play on green grass that is important to nature, and we are building our team all the time too.”  

Maya, defender, said, “Thank you for our new kit and for making the world a nicer place.”  

Midfielder Adrian added, “A massive thank you, and I’m excited for the team finally to be in a matching new kit as a team.”  

Florence, defender, said, “Thank you! Now we all get a new kit; it will make us all a part of a big team to help save the environment.”  

And finally, defender Harry said, “We Are Howden!”  

Sean Casey, Rich Westoby and Julie Wakelin-Kirby coach the team. Sean Casey said, “Green Building Renewables is a perfect sponsor for our team. They, too, are a new name with bold ambitions, just like our team. The Green Building Renewables office opened in Doncaster at about the same time the Raptors were formed, so it feels like a natural fit that they are our sponsor.”  

Green Building Renewables’ sponsorship

Green Building Renewables’ Doncaster Office is the closest office to the team. Branch Manager Mark Ball said, “Supporting our local communities is paramount to Green Building Renewables. This can be through hiring interns from local colleges, attending local community events, or in the case of Howden AFC Raptors supporting local organisations through sponsorship. I am delighted to hear that the team won its world cup. Congratulations to the team, and I wish them luck for the start of their new season this weekend.”   

If you are a local sports team or organisation and think Green Building Renewables could be a suitable sponsor, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. As one winning team of local renewable energy experts,  we look forward to sponsoring the next successful local team.   

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