How much do solar panels cost?

January 19, 2023
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Looking to invest in solar panels in 2023?

Because every property is unique, there’s no simple answer to how much solar panels cost. But we can give you a good idea with our solar panel calculator, which enables you to estimate the cost of your solar panels and the typical energy savings you could make.

If this is the year that you plan to invest in renewable energy for your home, it’s perfectly understandable that you’ll want to consider how much solar panels cost and also the long term return on your investment.

Do I need a solar panel survey before installing solar panels?

At Green Building Renewables, before we press ahead with any installation, our job is to

  1. understand your renewable energy needs
  2. assess your current energy usage within the context of the size of your property
  3. conduct a solar panel survey to check the compatibility of your roofing
  4. advise you on renewable energy financial incentives and any government funding initiatives

Which is why, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to the question on solar panel costs. But, rest assured, should you decide to go ahead with solar panels and a solar battery from Green Building Renewables you’ll be provided with a full quotation of costs before we proceed.

Solar panels costs discussed by customer service team at Green Building Renewables

To give you a ballpark figure on solar panel costs, look at this example on our website where a 12 panel, 4.38kW system would create 3946kW of usable electricity a year. This is close to the 4,000kW of electricity generated by an average UK household. This installation would save you an average of £805 per year, calculated at 0.34p/kWh as of 21/12/2022.

Should I buy a solar battery?

You might also want to install a solar battery, a neat piece of kit that enables you to capitalise 100% of the energy that you generate for use later in the day or to sell back to the national grid. Solar batteries enable you to tap into additional energy to power your appliances and lighting.

We now offer solar batteries from three of the leading brands on the market, Fox ESS, Lux Power, and Tesla Powerwall.

We recommend using the energy yourself, as resell rates back to energy suppliers aren’t particularly competitive. But the choice is, ultimately, yours. Find out more by looking at Ofgem’s Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) Scheme.

Our solar panel costs calculator generates cost estimates for installations with or without a battery.

Fast track your solar panel cost quotation today. By using the solar panel calculator before talking to our team.

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