Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating provides heating in a room from the floor up for consistent, efficient warmth and works extremely well with renewable heating systems.

How Underfloor Heating works

Underfloor heating systems work by distributing warm water through a network of pipes within the floor construction or beneath the finished floor. This heat is carefully controlled by individual room thermostats to keep a constant ambient temperature throughout your home.

Benefits of investing in Underfloor Heating

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, especially with Heat Pumps, it can be up to 40% cheaper to run, and is much more controllable, and therefore efficient, than traditional radiators.

This depends on the thermal conductivity of your floor coverings – stone and tiles, for example, are excellent conductors whilst carpet is not as efficient. However, with the Underfloor Heating working efficiently, the floor will always feel comfortable to walk, sit or lie on.

You can use any type of flooring types – from carpet, or tiles through to stone flags, or wood.

Yes, it can; Underfloor Heating is a popular addition to many bathrooms (often with the addition of a heated towel rail), conservatories, and even wet rooms.

Absolutely! There are a whole range of solutions that cover all different floor constructions.

Underfloor Heating runs at a lower temperature than radiators and each zone is controlled independently. The underfloor heating heats up the screed which releases the heat in a continuous fashion throughout the day and evening.

Almost every property can have Underfloor Heating installed; newer houses have strict regulations on insulation levels, and are, therefore, eminently suitable, whilst older properties can make use of effective retrofitting solutions that can be fitted under your existing floor structure.

Improve the efficiency of your heating system

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