Daikin – Air Source Heat Pump

Daikin designs some of the world’s most eco-friendly, powerful air-to-air heat pumps – including air-to-water and air-to-air heat pumps – for minimum disruption to your everyday life and maximum benefit for your family.

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Why choose Daikin?

Experience the unmatched advantages of choosing a Daikin air source heat pump for your heating and cooling needs. Daikin, a renowned manufacturer, is synonymous with cutting-edge technology, reliability, and energy efficiency.

Our air source heat pumps offer exceptional performance, delivering both heating and cooling solutions for year-round comfort. With Daikin, you can enjoy personalised comfort and energy savings through zoned control options, allowing you to adjust temperatures in different areas or zones. Our heat pumps feature advanced inverter compressors that ensure precise temperature control and optimise energy consumption.

Convenient smart control options enable easy scheduling, remote adjustments, and energy monitoring. Daikin’s commitment to sustainability is evident through the use of eco-friendly refrigerants and energy-saving features, helping you reduce your environmental impact.

Quiet operation, superior efficiency, and the peace of mind that comes with choosing a trusted brand are all yours when you select a Daikin air source heat pump. Elevate your comfort and energy efficiency to new heights with Daikin’s advanced technology.

Is Daikin the best option for you?

Here are some key features of the Daikin air source heat pump:

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Daikin specifications

Experience Unmatched Comfort and Efficiency with Daikin: Transforming Spaces with Innovative Air Source Heat Pump Technology

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  • Heating Capacity: Daikin air source heat pumps offer a range of heating capacities, typically starting from 3 kW and going up to 16 kW or more. This ensures efficient heating for various sizes of residential and commercial spaces.

  • Cooling Capacity: Daikin heat pumps provide cooling capacities that range from 2.5 kW to 14 kW or more, delivering effective cooling during warmer months.

  • Noise Level: Daikin designs their air source heat pumps for quiet operation, with noise levels typically ranging from 19 to 50 decibels (dB) for indoor units and 46 to 55 dB for outdoor units. This ensures a peaceful and comfortable indoor environment.

  • Heating and Cooling Modes: Daikin heat pumps are designed to operate efficiently in heating mode at outdoor temperatures as low as -25°C (-13°F) or even lower. For cooling, they can effectively operate at outdoor temperatures up to 46°C (115°F), ensuring year-round comfort.

  • Airflow: Daikin heat pumps provide sufficient airflow to suit various room sizes, with capacities ranging from 480 to 2,400 cubic feet per minute (CFM) or 800 to 4,000 cubic meters per hour (m³/h).

  • Refrigerant Type: Daikin air source heat pumps utilize environmentally friendly refrigerants, such as R-32 or R-410A, which have lower global warming potential and contribute less to climate change compared to older refrigerants.

  • Dimensions and Weight: Daikin offers a range of sizes and configurations for their air source heat pumps to accommodate different installation requirements. The specific dimensions and weight vary based on the model.

  • Control Options: Daikin provides a variety of control options for their air source heat pumps, including wired and wireless controllers, smart thermostat compatibility, and integration with home automation systems. These controls offer convenient operation and allow for easy adjustment of settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Daikin air source heat pumps are designed for high energy efficiency. They utilize advanced technologies such as inverter compressors and intelligent controls to optimize energy usage, reduce operating costs, and minimize environmental impact.

Yes, Daikin air source heat pumps offer both heating and cooling capabilities. They can efficiently heat your space during colder months and provide cooling during warmer months, ensuring year-round comfort.

Daikin air source heat pumps are engineered for quiet operation. They incorporate sound-reducing features and advanced technologies to minimize noise levels, providing a peaceful indoor environment.

Yes, Daikin offers smart control options for their air source heat pumps. Users can remotely manage and program their heat pump settings using smartphones, tablets, or other compatible devices for added convenience.

Yes, Daikin provides comprehensive warranties for their air source heat pumps. The specific warranty terms may vary depending on the model and region. It’s recommended to refer to the product documentation or contact a Daikin dealer for detailed warranty information.

Yes, Daikin air source heat pumps can be integrated with renewable energy systems such as solar panels to further enhance energy efficiency and reduce carbon footprint. This allows homeowners to optimize their energy usage and contribute to a more sustainable future.