How to save £453 on your energy bills this summer with 5 expert energy saving hacks

April 2, 2024
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Daylight Saving Time took place on Sunday 31st March 2024, giving us a precious extra hour of sunlight. As a result of this, did you know you can save a total of £453 on your household bills in the upcoming spring and summer months? 

Here at Green Building Renewables, we have calculated the savings you can expect to see on your energy bill for the summer, whilst providing clever hacks to keep your costs down.

Energy experts reveal you could save £453 on your energy bills this summer

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John Gilham, our renewable energy expert explains that “Over the last 60 years the UK’s climate has been shifting because of human caused climate change and because of this, we have seen an increase in sunshine in the UK by 5.6%, but also an increase in rainfall too. Our summers are going to become increasingly hotter, but by reducing our energy consumption we may be able to revert the human caused damage to our planet.”

Our research has discovered that the average number of daylight hours in the UK per month along with the current energy price cap of electricity costing 28.82p. Using these calculations, we have provided five summer energy-saving hacks which could save you a total of £453 off your energy bill this year.  

5 energy saving tricks you can do this summer to reduce your bill

  1. Netflix and chill? Stroll and snuggle instead to save £184 on your TV bill this summer

One of the most popular activities for couples is to sit down and watch your favourite TV series together. Millions of hours of Netflix have been viewed in the last week alone, however, research by Green Building Renewables has calculated that multiple 4-hour Netflix binges can cost upwards of £9.20. If this is repeated multiple times a week throughout the month, it could add £36.80 to your monthly electricity bill, and around £184 throughout the 5 summer months.

There are multiple benefits, both physical and mental, to taking regular walks outdoors, especially after a work day, and it will even save some money off the energy bill. 

  1. Cut down on video gaming time to save £101

Research has found that the Playstation 5 is the most popular gaming console, and if it’s played for 4 hours per day, you could be set back around £101.34 each year. One console could cost £8.45 each month to game, and that’s not taking into account other computer gaming or multiple devices in households. 

By reducing screen time during the lighter months and enjoying more outdoor activity, you’ll be able to take £42.22 off your energy bills this summer.

  1. Save £79 on your electricity bill by having your lights off for longer 

The extra hours of daylight we have for April to August mean there’s more time to keep lights switched off. By keeping your curtains or blinds open later in the evening, you won’t need to have your lights on for as long as you usually would during darker months.

Based on the average 60-watt light bulb, you could expect savings of up to £22 a month on your electricity bill between April and August by taking advantage of the extra daylight hours and only having your lights on for 2 hours per day. 

  1. Wash on a 30-degree cycle to make a saving of 40% 

One of the most simple switches you can make to save money on energy bills this spring is to wash your clothes on a 30-degree cycle. The average wash cycle lasts 1 hour 30 minutes, and with 3 washes a week at 40 degrees, and this works out at a cost of £47.88 per year. If you switch to a 30 degree cycle, your costs will be reduced to £28.73, saving you £12 this summer. 

  1. Save £77 by drying clothes outside 

Spring is a perfect time to dry your clothes outside, with warmer temperatures and a light breeze. Dryers are notoriously expensive to run, and you can expect a dryer to cost around £184.88 per year with the current price cap in place. By hanging your clothes outside to dry during the spring and summer months, you could take £77 off your energy bill every year.

Solar panels and heat pumps are an excellent way at reducing your energy bills over time. If you are interested in installing renewable technology, get in touch today to find out how we can help.


Green Building Renewables took the average amount of daylight per day in April, May, June, July and August to calculate average energy costs per month based on the 28.88p energy price cap. Best selling gaming console data from Ofcom.

Average daylight hours:

MonthAverage number of daylight hours

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john gilham technical manager
John Gilham
When it comes to renewables, our Group Technical Manager, John Gilham is a big deal! Both metaphorically and literally speaking; his massive knowledge about all things renewable and low energy is matched by his physical presence. In 2016, John co-founded GoEco Renewables with our MD Chris Delaney, which marked a pivotal moment in his career. The move reflected his commitment to sustainable energy and positioned him as a leader in the industry. Want to know more about John then click here: Read More

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