Green Building Renewables Sister Company Announces Full Rebrand In Line With Future Vision 

April 9, 2024
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Full rebrand to 21° for sister company

Our sister company, building products supplier and high-performing homes specialist has announced a full rebrand to 21°. Formerly Green Building Store, 21° new look brand is in line with its refreshed vision and common purpose: to help customers create healthy and comfortable homes through optimising energy performance. 

While the firm’s people, products, and services remain the same, 21° will look to focus on its offering of solutions that provide for life changing homes. This method consists of incorporating a core range of products and services — including triple glazed windows and doors, mechanical ventilation and heat recovery (MVHR), and airtightness and insulation products.

This approach has the effect of reducing draughts and promoting air that’s free from outdoor pollutants, as well as maintaining an ambient temperature within the property all year round — with the added benefit of ensuring that the building is ultra low energy.  

Key stakeholders emphasise the importance of the rebrand

Andy Mitchell, managing director at 21°, commented, “We’re thrilled to announce the rebrand of Green Building Store to 21°. While our customers will be able to enjoy the same exceptional service and expertise they’ve relied on for almost 30 years, we’re excited to have our vision for the future reflected in our brand and communications. While we’ll continue to offer advice and guidance for obtaining Passivhaus certification, we’ll also support those not able or looking to achieve full accreditation, but who still want to create a home that’s designed with wellbeing at the forefront.” 

Tom Heywood, 21° MVHR department manager, added, “To create a healthy environment, air quality is central to the equation — managing the pollutants within is the key to wellbeing. By utilising Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR), you can ensure a good ventilation rate, replacing the indoor ​​impure air with fresh air from outdoors and filtering out any pollutants before they enter the home. 

“This also has the added benefit of ensuring humidity levels are kept within healthy limits of 40-60%, stopping condensation build up and preventing mould, therefore positively impacting health.” 

Chris Delaney, Managing Director at Green Building Renewables commented “I am thrilled to see the success of 21° rebrand, and I very much look forward to continuing to work together on both domestic and commercial projects.”

Multiple factors must be considered to create a high-performing home

When it comes to planning for a high-performing home, Luke Gilman, windows department manager at 21° advised, “When looking to create an enjoyable home environment, we must consider radiant heat — meaning the warmth or coolness of the surfaces around us — rather than the air temperature itself. As humans, we’re much more sensitive to this type of heat, and our perception of comfort is affected more by the internal surface temperatures that surround us. 

“This is why products such as triple-glazed windows promote a pleasant home interior, by working to maintain the surfaces within our home at an ambient temperature. The internal pane of glass will always be warmer than double glazing in cold weather, and cooler in summer — facilitating a consistent internal temperature all year round.” 

Andy Mitchell also commented: “When specified correctly with one another, windows, doors, and MVHR, along with airtightness and insulation, are the core products for optimising for energy efficiency and comfort. It’s this interconnected specification that is key, and central to what we do.” 

If you are interested in renewable technology for your own property, don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out more.

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Chris Delaney
Only 35 when he became Managing Director of Green Building Renewables, two years later, Chris has spearheaded an incredible business story.  Growing the business from a turnover of £3m to over £40m with the ambition of being a £100m turnover business by 2025. From 18 staff to over 200. From one office in York to 14 nationwide. Want to know more about Chris then click here: Read More

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