Solar panel installation at St Gabriel’s Church in Ormesby

March 22, 2019
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St Gabriel’s Church contacted us because they wanted to become a “green church”. The energy bills were high and they also wanted to reduce their carbon footprint. Becoming more sustainable and protecting the future of the community who use the church and its facilities.

The Project

They were originally looking to install solar panels on the main roof of the church or the flat roof of the hall. After a site visit, we advised on the Presbytery roof which allowed for a much less intrusive and more cost-effective installation of the solar panels.

Our York renewables installation team installed a 3.99kw solar panel system which will generate free electricity and allow them to benefit from the feed-in tariff. The system was installed by two of our engineers in a day.

The Solar Panel System

3.99kw Solar Photovoltaic System.
14 x 285watt black mono panels.

Financial benefits

  • Installation cost
  • Feed-In Tariff (@3.79ppkW)
  • Export Tariff (@5.24ppkW)
  • Electricity Savings (@14ppKw)
  • Return on Investment

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