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June 10, 2024
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Choosing renewable energy is commendable and forward-thinking for you and your property. Your quotation plays a major role in understanding your decision to embrace renewable technology.

A renewable technology installation will improve your home’s performance by making it more energy-efficient, comfortable, and healthier. It will also reduce your carbon footprint and provide long-term financial savings.

As you embark on this journey, one of the early steps is to receive your bespoke and detailed installation quotation.

Your quotation, provided after an initial site survey by one of our renewable energy experts, serves as a roadmap for what to expect from the installation process. It informs you about the technology we will be installing, the impact it could have on your home and, of course, the current cost of installing it.

To help you navigate this crucial document, we’ve broken down the key components of your renewable installation quotation, using an example of solar panel and battery system installation. In five easy steps, here’s what you can expect to find in your Green Building Renewables Quotation:

Quotation Step 1 – What we Supply and Install (and the Cost)

This first page of your personalised quotation gives an overview of the installation with the key information about what we will supply and install.

On this page, you will find the following:

  1. Your Details. You should check these are correct. This is important as parts may be delivered here, and most importantly, the renewable energy expert installation team needs to ensure they have the correct address.
  2. Your Quotation Number: Your quotation has a unique number. You should quote this to us whenever you get in touch. It will enable our renewable energy experts to find and identify your quotation.
  3. Quotation Date: This is the date your quotation is valid from.
  4. Expiration Date: This is the date your quotation is valid. Our quotations are valid for 60 days. After this date, we will have to issue another quotation for the cost. Over time, costs fluctuate. They can go up or down. We want to make sure you have the best cost available.
  5. Salesperson: This is the person who has created your quotation. They are most likely the person who has surveyed your property, too (but not always). They are the best person to speak to about your quotation. But if you can’t speak to them, don’t worry; any of our renewable energy expert team members will be able to discuss it with you.
  6. What We Will Supply and Install: This is the main information on the first page. It lists all the equipment we will supply and install for the technologies we surveyed. The information will be sectioned out for each technology. In the example above, the equipment for the solar PV panel array and for the solar battery storage system are listed. In this section, you will see the following type of information:
    • Solar Panels. The type, brand, and number required
    • Inverters: Specifications and quantity.
    • Mounting and Racking Systems: Equipment for securing technologies.
    • Battery Storage (if applicable): Details about the storage capacity and type of batteries.
    • Monitoring Systems: Equipment for tracking your system’s performance.
    • Wiring and Electrical Components: Cables, junction boxes, and other necessary electrical components.
    • Safety Equipment: Disconnects, surge protectors, and other safety measures.
  7. What Else We Include: (See Image below.) This section lists any other items the quotation includes, like our 2-year insurance-backed workmanship warranty.
  8. The Cost: The quotation cost for your installation is at the bottom of your quotation’s first page (sometimes on the second page). This is the full cost of your installation. There are no other hidden costs. This price is valid for 60 days. If you want to proceed with installation at this price, contact Green us to book your installation within these 60 days. The installation itself doesn’t have to take place in this period.

Quotation Step 2: Installation Details and About Us

Step 2 of your Quotation

This section of the quotation outlines the installation’s process and scope of work. It provides a more detailed description of what we will do during the installation. This section includes:

  1. Images: This section will include images of your property relevant to the installation. These could include aerial views of your property taken from Google Maps showing where the solar panels will be installed. It may also include any other relevant images.
  2. Installation Details: This section describes in more detail what we will do at your property and may include information like:
    • Any Site Preparation: Any necessary groundwork or structural adjustments that might be needed.
    • System Design and Layout: The custom design is tailored to your property.
    • Permits and Approvals: Details on the permits required and who will handle them.
    • Labour: Information on the installation team and any subcontractors.
    • Post-Installation Testing: Procedures to ensure the system is functioning correctly.
  3. About Us: This section provides more information about Green Building Renewables, including listings of qualifications, accreditations, and Trustpilot scores.

Quotation Step 3: Your System Performance Projection

System performance in Quotation

Understanding how your renewable energy system will perform in the future is crucial. Using information from your energy bills and energy suppliers and based on your consumption, we can make estimations on how your system will perform. This section includes:

  • 1. Estimated Generation: Your quotation includes figures estimating the savings based on the system’s size and expected performance.
  • 2. System Performance: Your quotation includes graphical projections of yearly performance.
  • 3. Energy Bill Savings: Your quotation includes graphical projections of your savings. This could be electricity savings based on a solar system or gas savings for a heat pump system.

The system performance calculations and projections are based on information from your energy bills and current consumption. These are estimates. Your savings could be more or less than what we project. It is worth noting there are factors which affect your system’s performance, these include:

  • Geographical Location. Solar systems can be impacted by the amount of sunlight.
  • Shading: The presence of trees, buildings, or other obstructions can affect solar systems
  • Weather Patterns: Variability in weather conditions throughout the year can affect solar systems
  • System Maintenance: Regular upkeep to ensure optimal performance. For example, we recommend regular servicing of heat pumps like you would a gas boiler.

Quotation Step 4: Next Steps

The final step of your quotation tells you what to do next if you are happy with what you have received. It includes and explains:

  • How to Order
  • The payment schedule
  • Our obligations to you
  • Your obligations to us
  • Your right to cancel

Quotation Step 5: FAQs and Additional Information

Our quotations include a Frequently Asked Questions section which customers sometimes have based on the information in the quotation. These include questions like how long the installation will take? And what warranties you get with the system.

You may of course have more questions, and if you do, then don’t hesitate to contact your salesperson or one of our renewable energy experts.

The additional information section also provides information on other useful and relevant things to know like planning permission requirements and our MSC accreditation.

In Summary

Your renewable installation quotation is designed to provide a clear and comprehensive overview of what to expect from the installation process as well as the costs and savings. By understanding each section, you can confidently move forward with your renewable energy project. If you have any questions or need further clarification, our team is always here to help you embrace the future of energy with clarity and confidence and to improve the performance of your home.

So, if you have received yours, what are you waiting for? Contact us now to book your installation.

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