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May 31, 2022
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Our solar panel calculator assesses your property’s suitability for solar panel installation and provides an estimated system cost along with potential savings, great for a quick estimate.  

But what if you would like a full quote? Well, we now have the option for you to fast track your quote through our online calculator. Providing us with a series of photos helps our engineers get a better idea of your project for quoting.

How do I fast track?

Visit our solar panel page to access the calculator. We suggest going through the process on a mobile device so that you can move around the property as you proceed through the steps.

What do you need to photograph?

Roof area for solar panels.

Take a photo of the roof area where you would like the panels installed. A southerly facing aspect is an ideal location but we know not everyone is so lucky as to have the perfect position. That’s not to say you can’t still harness the power of solar panels. You could split the number of panels on the east and west facing roofs to make use of the morning or afternoon sun, so if in doubt take multiple photos. We will assess your property’s orientation using Google earth but we need to make sure there is a clear roof space.

Standing back from the property take a photograph that gets as much of the roof and property in as possible.

Suggested cable route from the inverter to the consumer unit.

The wiring route of the system needs to be taken into consideration. Cables are usually routed down the outside wall of the property in a plastic conduit.

Take an external photograph of where you think the cabling will be routed from the roof space to the consumer unit.

Proposed location of the inverter in the roof space.

The inverter is usually installed in the roof space of the property and transforms the energy from the solar panels into electricity that your home or business can use. If you have access to your roof space please take a photo of the wall where you think the inverter will be placed. Cables will need to be fed from the solar panels to the inverter and from the inverter to your consumer unit (fuseboard).

This is where we are likely to site your batteries if required. These measure approximately 50cm x 50cm x 20cm tall and can be stacked on top of each other.

Loft access.

We will need access to your roof space for the installation of the inverter. Please take a photo of your loft hatch showing any inbuilt ladders.

Consumer unit.

Probably located in the most awkward of places and often behind piles of storage boxes. The consumer unit (fuseboard) is connected to the inverter in the loft space.

A photograph will help us make sure your fuseboard is up to date and suitable for the installation.

Electric meter.

The electricity meter is normally located near your consumer unit. Again, this will make sure your system is accessible and up to date for a safe installation.

That should be all of the images we require to quote for your solar panel system.

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