Solar PV (Electricity)

Turn sunlight into electricity and start saving on your energy bills.

How Solar PV works

Each Solar Panel is made up of cells, which are constructed from layers of semiconducting materials. When light hits a cell, this creates an electric field across the layers. The stronger the light, the more electricity is produced. The electricity is converted from direct current to alternate current for use in your property by an inverter, a control box which is usually situated in a loft, garage or utility room.

Benefits of investing in Solar PV

Solar Photovoltaic Panels harness light to generate free, low-carbon electricity for use in your home or business, allowing you to significantly reduce your electricity bills and contribute to lowering our collective carbon footprint.

Adding a Solar Battery can further enhance your savings.

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Types of Solar PV systems suitable for your home

We help home owners and businesses lower their carbon footprint and reduce their energy bills.

Solar PV Standard Roof Tiles

Standard Roof Tiles

Slate Roof Solar PV

Slate Roof

Solar PV Slate Tiles

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Frequently Asked Questions

A south facing roof will attract the most solar gain across the year, however a roof that faces east or west would also be suitable for Solar PV and will still generate a significant amount of solar energy.

Each panel is approximately 1.7 m2 and a typical domestic installation has between and 8 and 14 panels.

Yes, Solar Panels will work 365 days of the year. The highest solar gain is in the summer months when we have longer, brighter days. Even in winter months, on a bright clear day, you will still generate a significant amount of solar gain.
Solar Panels come with a 20 year performance warranty and the typical life expectancy is about 25 years.

A south facing 4kW Solar PV system will produce on average 3500kWh per annum, the average domestic property uses around 4000kWh.

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