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May 23, 2022
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You know the old saying, you wait ages for a bus, and then three come along at once. Today, the BUS we’ve been waiting for has finally arrived, as the Government’s Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) officially goes live.

If you’ve been waiting for a reason to replace your old gas boiler, or electric storage heaters to transform your house with low carbon technology and, in doing so, help lower your energy bills and environmental footprint, then now is the time to jump on board the Government BUS scheme. But just like a bus, you may need to be quick as it’s first come, first served as funding (£450million) is finite and will only allow 90,000 homes in England and Wales to take advantage of the scheme.

How does BUS work?

  • The Boiler Upgrade Scheme provides upfront grants to support the installation of heat pumps into homes and non-domestic buildings in England and Wales.
  • Registered installers like Green Building Renewables apply on your behalf for the grant meaning less hassle for you
  • If you want to replace your boiler with an air source heat pump, you can receive £5,000 off the cost and installation. 
  • If you choose to install a ground source heat pump, then you can receive a grant for £6,000 off the cost and installation.
  • £450 million of funding has been made available by the government from 2022 to 2025 when gas boilers will no longer be installed in new builds

How do I get the BUS grant?

If you want to get your old gas boiler or oil boiler replaced and take advantage of the BUS grant, then here’s what you need to do:

  1. Find and contact a government registered installer – like Green Building Renewables.
  2. Get a quote from the installer of your choice. You may want to get more than one quote to see your options. At Green Building Renewables, we will conduct a complete survey of your heating needs considering your existing radiators and heating system. We will then recommend the best heat pump for your property.
  3. Once you have a quote, you’re happy with it, and you’re all aboard with your chosen installer’s plans. The installer will apply on your behalf for the BUS grant.

Some key things to be aware of

  • You will need to have been issued an energy performance certificate (EPC) in the past ten years. Your EPC must not contain any recommendations for loft or cavity wall insulation. If it does, you may need to install this before having a heat pump fitted or you can provide evidence of insulation exemption.  You can check whether you have a valid EPC and if there are any recommendations for loft or cavity wall insulation here.
  • For air source heat pump installation, the work must be conducted within three months of the grant voucher being issued.
  • For a ground source heat pump installation, the work must be conducted within six months of the grant voucher being issued.
  • Grant applications can be submitted retrospectively. So, if you can afford the costs upfront, you will receive the grant as a reimbursement. Retrospective applications can be made for any installation that took place after the 1st of April 2022

Why choose a heat pump?

Heat pumps are very efficient.

They produce lower carbon emissions than most fossil fuel appliances. Air source heat pumps can convert 1 kilowatt of electricity into 3.5 kilowatts of heat; a ground source heat pump can convert 1 kilowatt of electricity into 4.5 kilowatts of heat, meaning they are 350% and 450% efficient, respectively. For comparison, an A-Rated combination boiler can only turn 1 kilowatt of gas or oil into 0.9 kilowatts of heat, meaning they are 90% efficient.

A reliable and low maintenance heating system

Heat pumps require minimal maintenance and offer heating all year round.

Make significant savings on your energy bills.

Significant savings can be made from installing a heat pump. Further savings can also be made if used in conjunction with solar panels to power your heat pump.

Why act now

Whilst the new scheme is a step in the right direction to help transform UK buildings, it is finite. £450 million over three years only allows for 90,000 homes and buildings to take advantage of the grant. That’s why it’s crucial to act now.

With energy prices and gas, in particular, expected to rise again, choosing a new way to heat your home this winter and for the foreseeable future could be one of the best decisions you make this year. So, don’t hesitate to get in touch and let us guide you on your journey to lower energy bills. All aboard, the BUS!

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