Meet our Renewable Energy Expert John Gilham

John Gilham

When it comes to renewables, our Group Technical Manager, John Gilham is a big deal! Both metaphorically and literally speaking.

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Who is John Gilham?

When it comes to renewables, our Group Technical Manager, John Gilham, is a big deal! Both metaphorically and literally speaking. His physical presence matches his massive knowledge about all things renewable and low energy.  John’s journey from installing insulation to leading groundbreaking renewable energy projects is as dynamic as the renewable energy tech he now champions.

John’s career started in the trenches for an energy efficiency installation company. His hands-on experience ranged from insulation to cutting-edge solar PV systems.

Over the years, his trajectory has mirrored the evolution of the renewable energy industry, focusing on solar during the Feed-in-Tarif periods and ultimately leading to his current expertise in Air source and Ground Source systems. As a fully qualified Electrician and Renewable heating engineer, John’s technical prowess has become his hallmark.

In 2016, John co-founded GoEco Renewables with our MD, Chris Delaney, which marked a pivotal moment in his career. The move reflected his commitment to sustainable energy and positioned him as a leader in the industry.

Beyond the installations, John loves cutting grass. It seems this green enthusiast finds solace in maintaining the earth beneath his feet.

Once an avid cricketer, he now conquers the golf course, showcasing that his competitive spirit extends beyond the workplace. Outside of sport, he cherishes moments with his wife, kids, and dogs.

John also describes himself as a part-time strawberry farmer. His green thumb extends beyond just helping customers to harness solar power.

John’s career highlights include overcoming challenges in the early days of complex ground source projects, navigating the end of the RHI cap and dealing with large, unique installations which allow him to showcase his expertise.

John’s technical knowledge is frequently published in the media like The Sunday Times and The Yorkshire Post.

Favourite Memories of his time at Green Building Renewables

A quirky memory which involves 92 solar panels being delivered to his home after setting up GoEco—talk about a hands-on approach!

Reflecting on the Covid pandemic, John, alongside colleague Chris, helped steer the ship through unprecedented times, ensuring safety while keeping the business afloat.

John’s Motivational Mantra:

John lives by the philosophy, “Sh*t happens; it’s how you deal with it that matters!” This resilience has undoubtedly been a guiding light in his personal and professional life.

John describes the GBR company culture as “work hard and reap the benefits,” John emphasises the direct correlation between effort and reward.

John’s advice to Green Enthusiasts:

John’s advice is simple for those starting in renewables: embrace each day as a learning opportunity and never hesitate to ask questions. There’s no such thing as a silly question in this dynamic field.

John’s take on the Future

Looking forward, John envisions the company’s nationwide expansion by 2025. He aspires to be the biggest and best in the business, symbolising a commitment to excellence and sustainability.

In John Gilham, we find a leader whose journey is as fascinating as the renewable energy solutions he champions—a man of grit, green dreams, and a love for solar panels and strawberries.