6 reasons why you should choose a local renewable energy installer

January 18, 2024
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Green Building Renewables – Your local, renewable energy experts. We are a local renewables company with national coverage. Our branches located across the country give us national coverage but ensure we are local enough to customers to offer real expertise and knowledge of the area – our installers work in the areas that they know.

With increasing pressure to live a more sustainable life and reduce our carbon footprint, more of us are turning to renewable energy to power our homes and businesses.  

As the demand for green energy solutions rises, so does the number of companies offering installation services. 

While larger corporations, such as energy providers, may seem like the obvious choice, there are several reasons why you should consider a local renewable energy installer for your green energy needs.  

In this blog, we’ll explore the advantages of choosing a local installer over a large energy provider. 

1. Personalised Service

One of the key benefits of opting for a local renewable energy installer is the personalised service they can provide. 

Local companies often have a smaller customer base, allowing them to give more time and energy to each project. This personalised approach ensures that your specific needs and requirements are understood and addressed throughout the entire installation process. 

Also, as they operate within a certain region, they will have more of an interest in maintaining a strong reputation, as it is likely much of their work comes through word of mouth.  

From the initial consultation to the final implementation, a local installer is more likely to prioritise customer satisfaction, resulting in a smoother and more tailored experience. 

At Green Building Renewables, we pride ourselves on the customer service we provide. Nothing is more important to us than the feedback of our customers and this is always enhanced by providing a personalised service.

A GBR installer on a roof with solar panels
A GBR installer with solar panels

2. Community Connection

Choosing a local renewable energy installer fosters a sense of community connection. Local businesses are deeply rooted in the areas they serve, and they understand the unique characteristics and challenges of the community. 

Our installers have worked on their own local community centres, schools and golf courses. They have a vested interest in the work as it serves the people closest to them.  

By supporting a local installer, you contribute to the growth of the local economy and create a network of environmentally conscious individuals working towards a common goal.  

This sense of community connection can lead to more transparent communication, a shared commitment to sustainability, and a higher level of trust between you and the installer. 

3. Faster Response Times

When you opt for a local installer, you can expect quicker response times and efficient service. 

Lead times for installations for larger companies can be months, but with a local installer, they could be working on your home within weeks – even days! 

Local companies typically have shorter communication channels and can promptly address any concerns or inquiries you may have. This agility can be crucial during the installation process, as it minimises delays and ensures that your renewable energy system is up and running as soon as possible. 

In contrast, larger energy companies may have more lengthy processes, leading to slower response times and potential project delays.  

We aim to provide our customers with a solution as soon as possible. and to start benefitting from renewable technology at the earliest possible opportunity.

4. Positive Environmental Impact

Opting for a local renewable energy installer aligns with the broader goal of creating a positive environmental impact at both the local and global levels. Local companies are more likely to source their materials and labour locally, reducing the carbon footprint associated with transportation.  

Additionally, supporting local businesses contributes to the overall sustainability of the community by promoting economic growth and reducing dependence on larger energy suppliers. 

5. Job Creation and Economic Growth

Here at GBR, we employ, train and help develop local people. Choosing a local renewable energy installer supports job creation and economic growth in your community.  

By investing in our regional offices, you help to contribute to the creation of employment opportunities for skilled professionals within the regions where we work. This not only strengthens the local economy but also helps build a skilled workforce that is knowledgeable about renewable energy technologies. 

We have already created training hubs in several of the regions where we operate to help create the skilled renewables workforce of the future.  

6. Enhanced Customer Support

Local installers are more likely to provide ongoing customer support and maintenance services. Being physically close to their customer base allows them to offer timely assistance and address any issues that may arise after the installation.  

This level of support can be invaluable, especially when compared to the often impersonal and distant customer service provided by larger companies.

Knowing that our team are close by, and help is readily available should you need it, can provide peace of mind and enhance the overall experience. 

GBR member of staff on the phone


When trying to shift to green energy, your choice of a renewable energy installer is crucial. 

While large companies may offer scale and resources, the advantages of choosing a local installer extends beyond the installation process. 

All this being said – we consider ourselves to hit the ‘sweet spot’ when it comes to renewables installation.

Yes, we have national coverage allowing us to reach customers everywhere in the UK. But we do so knowing that we offer each customer a local service. Our local teams are made up of renewable energy experts who know the properties, the places and the people where they work every day. Both our Commercial and Domestic installation teams have an extensive track record of successful local installations across the country that clearly demonstrates our skills and reliability.  

Wherever you are, we’re here to guide you in making the right choice and to ensure your installation meets your needs, get in touch today!   

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Chris Delaney
Only 35 when he became Managing Director of Green Building Renewables, two years later, Chris has spearheaded an incredible business story.  Growing the business from a turnover of £3m to over £40m with the ambition of being a £100m turnover business by 2025. From 18 staff to over 200. From one office in York to 14 nationwide. Want to know more about Chris then click here: Read More

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