York Golf Club tees up Solar Installation to save £200,000 on Energy Bills 

February 5, 2024
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Green Building Renewables has installed 65 solar panels at York Golf Club to improve its sustainability credentials. 

Scaffolding in place on our installation at the clubhouse.

York Golf Club installs Solar System

Historic York Golf Course has made solar power par for the course with a brand new 26.65kW 65-panel solar array.  

Green Building Renewables installed the system, saving the club 6 tonnes of CO2 each year and an expected net saving of over £200,000 on energy bills over its lifetime.  

Established in 1890, York Golf Club boasts a rich history that spans over a century, making it one of the region’s oldest and most revered golf clubs. Nestled amid the picturesque countryside, the club’s origins trace back to a group of enthusiastic golfers who sought a venue to indulge their passion for the sport. 

Over the years, the club has witnessed the evolution of golf and has played host to numerous championships, showcasing its commitment to the game’s tradition and excellence, with a storied past that reflects the changing times and the enduring love for the sport. The club’s new solar installation demonstrates how it is preparing for the future.  

Video of York Golf Club Installation

Why did York Golf Club install Solar?

Mike Wells, Managing Secretary of York Golf Club, said, “The club had considered installing solar previously, but not progressed. However, escalating energy costs over the last year or two and the desire to reduce our carbon footprint led the board to proceed. The installation has been done without disrupting members or our operations, and Green Building Renewables was selected as the most appropriate installer for our needs.” 

The installation of solar technology at the club signifies its commitment to environmental responsibility but also sets an example for the broader community. 

Managing Director of Green Building Renewables, Chris Delaney, said, “Installing solar at such a well-known regional location is a real honour. Sports venues, like York Golf Club, use considerable amounts of energy, and solar systems allow them to make dramatic energy savings and reduce their energy bills.” 

Golf courses, especially those overseas in hot climates, often face criticism for their environmental impact and the resources needed to maintain them. The sprawling green landscapes of golf courses require significant energy, making them ideal candidates for renewable energy solutions. With solar panels now adorning the club’s facilities, they are poised to harness the sun’s power to meet a substantial portion of their energy needs. 

Green Building Renewables Team at work at the club

What other benefits will the installation bring to the club?

Beyond the environmental advantages, investing in solar energy will yield significant financial benefits for the club. York Golf Club stands to benefit from reduced energy costs over time, as solar power is a cost-effective alternative to traditional electricity sources. The initial investment in the solar installation will easily be recouped through long-term energy savings, with estimated savings of £225,000 over its lifetime, making it a sound financial decision for the club. 

The move towards solar energy will benefit the environment and the club’s finances and enhance its community image. York Golf Club becomes an example for other businesses and organisations in the region to follow suit. The positive impact on the community’s perception of the club could increase support, membership, and partnerships. 

York Golf Club’s solar installation also provides an excellent opportunity for education and awareness. The club could organise workshops, seminars, and tours to showcase the benefits of solar energy to its members, visitors, and the local community. An educational initiative like this can inspire others to adopt sustainable practices in their lives and businesses. 

Installation Work of 65 solar panel system.

The Club’s decision to embrace solar energy is a notable and forward-thinking move towards a more sustainable future. By investing in renewable energy, the club not only reduces its environmental impact but also sets an example for the community. As the sun’s rays also power the fairways and the Clubhouse, its commitment to sustainability also shines brightly, leaving a lasting legacy for the venue’s future.  

Our installation at the club is such a good news story it has even made the local media. You can read about the installation in The York Press, Business Link and on Yahoo News.

Green Building Renewables has installed solar technology at other sporting locations, including Beverley Racecourse. Solar installations on sports clubs offer more benefits than just energy savings and lowering your environmental footprint. They can be an educational resource for members and users of your sports venue, which you can use to teach local people about the benefits of renewable energy.

If you are a manager or director for a sports venue and would like to know more about how solar technology can transform your venue for the better, get in touch with us today and arrange a consultation and survey of your property on the savings you could make in terms of both energy and money. We also offer commercial finance options, which makes managing the costs of an installation even easier.

So why not kick off, tee up, or fire the starter’s pistol for your sporting venue renewable transform today? Get in touch with your local team today.

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Sarah Taylor, Group Project Support Manager
Sarah Taylor
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