We moved to our new office in Buttercrambe, just outside York in April 2016.  The office is in a beautiful courtyard of stone built farm buildings with stunning views over the Yorkshire Wolds.  When we moved in we decided that a priority was to upgrade the heating. All of the units had enormously inefficient electric wall heaters which we knew in the depths of winter would not only be hugely expensive to run but also inefficient, leaving our team shivering into their morning coffee.  We finally put some time aside and get our heat pump installed at Christmas and we haven’t looked back.

The System

Heating: 1 x 5kW Vaillant AroTherm AirSource Heat Pump ErP rated A++ (@35 degree flow temperature).

Hot Water: 200 Litre Joule heat pump compatible cylinder

The Project

We are lucky to have a wide open space in front of our office which is perfect to maintain the air flow of our new heat pump. However we could have easily put some fencing around it as the AroTherm only requires 1m of clearance at the front of the unit to prevent freezing and short cycling. We have left it visible because we want our customers to have the chance to visit the office and see the heat pump working in a real life situation. 

One of the questions we are often asked about Air Source Heat Pumps is how noisy they are.  The AroTherm has been awarded the ‘Quiet Mark’ and is one of the quietest heat pumps on the market.  So that our customers can understand just what this means in reality  you can come and not only see but hear our heat pump .

Financial Benefits

Our heat pump is not just functional heating for our building.  We are also claiming the commercial RHI for our system which makes it an even better investment for the business.  RHI Payments for commercial properties are made for 20 years unlike the 7 years for domestic customers. Payments are index linked and but are not tax free as they are for domestic dwellings.